[Note from Jennifer Feb 2024 – this is very out of date. If you’re at all in the No Agenda network, you’ve likely heard at least one jingle I’ve done, but they are not below.

I’m in the process of creating new sites, but in the meantime I am happy to send links to more recent demos or do an audition read for any projects for which I am being considered.]

No Agenda Show, hosted by Adam Curry and John C. Dvorak: https://www.noagendashow.net/

MoeFactz with Adam Curry: http://www.moefactz.com/

Jazz Radio Promos

House for Sale Promo

PSA – Viewer Discretion Advised

Gary Buchanan RealtorĀ© Promo

PSA – Gift of Literacy

Fashionista TV Promos

Travel Podcast Promo

PSA – School Buses Cancelled

Murphy’s Bakery PBX Menu